Serot X Wire

Performers: Aleksi Kinnunen, Samuli Kivelä, Ilari Kohtamäki, Maiju Saarimaa

What does a tensioned wire with the tensile stress of 2000 kg/cm sound like?

The tightrope wire is like a string of a gigantic guitar. When it vibrates, it produces a low-frequency hum. With the help of pickup microphones and electronic sound manipulation, the sound of the wire grows, transforms and fills the space. When the tightrope artist balances on the wire, every step generates a new tone.

Club Swire is a joint project of Serot techno band and circus group Vire. It marries tightrope walking with club culture and band playing. Club Swire is a contemporary circus performance, where the audience won’t sit still but joins the band and the circus artist on stage, or in this case, the dance floor. With the help of pickup microphones, a circus object turns into a musical instrument that the tightrope artist plays with her feet. Club Swire celebrates dance and club culture by creating a space for having fun and feeling connected with other people.

The show was prepared in a one month residence at the Cirko. Experimenting with the tight wire and all sorts of electronical solutions to produce a variety of sound with it.

Video by Aleksi Hornborg